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animation links

animation books

The Animation Book
Kit Laybourne

An excellent overview of traditional and digital animation techniques.

The Animator’s Survival Kit
Richard Williams

Invaluable, encyclopedic instant classic. You need this book!


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cartoons and animation

Becoming a successful animator requires many long years of singleminded dedication to your craft and enormous patience. Which is why my cartoons are crap. Still, they might give you a chuckle. [Click the image to see the animation]

Stupid Penguin

click to play stupid penguin movie

A penguin learns the hard way that, yes, it’s a jungle out there. Yes, I know polar bears and penguins live at opposite poles. This is cartoon land, people!

Tibetan Swearing Bowls

click to play tibetan swearing bowls movie

This got a staff pick at bullseyeart, which was nice.
Warning: contains naughty language!

Jakob loves Mememachine

click to play jakob loves mememachine

Dear old Jakob Nielsen. What a guy!

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