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This site is built with valid xhtml & css.

It was made on a Mac, running OS X, which rocks.

the fruits of my labours…

websites screenshot

I was lead designer at for over two years and was responsible for all front-end design, from overall information architecture and interface design through to coding of all HTML and CSS and production of graphics, flash banners, etc.

I also designed the logo and created print ads, print collateral, business cards and stationery. It was fun. is now the largest online retailer of DVDs in Europe, which is nice.

recent sites

Since going freelance I have built several small websites, which mostly use standards-compliant XHTML and CSS:

older sites

For completeness’ sake:


ad banners

I built about ten thousand flash and regular banners while at Here are a few favourites:

Being John Malkovich Fight Club Tenchu


I have no illusions about my animation prowess, but nevertheless I have made a few flash cartoons which can be found in the animation section.


Just a few examples…


remote control

Remote control; drawn for Arcam user guide.

some sort of electronic box thing

Old-skool (circa 1996) Nokia Wireless base-station type device

LDAF sewage processing unit

LDAF sewage processing unit.


An infographic for Xerox.


Coco Wasps

Spoof Cereal Box

Jakob and his coffee pot

Jakob-baiting fun

Tibetan Goddess wearing Oakley sunglasses

Tibetan Goddess in Oakleys

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